Day one in City :)

Living in Mauritius, I never liked to go or even to hang out in Port- Louis as it is always hot and crowed over there and being in such environment irritates me to death. But, while doing this module and the ways my lecture had explained what a city consist of, had changed my perception of seeing thing.

Yes I was ready to explore the City of Port-Louis.  It took me forty- five minutes to arrive in Port Louis by car. Arriving there, I took my sandwiches and water to explore the city with a critical eye.  I was so fascinated about the historical elements which are linked to the capital. So are you ready to discover the past and the present of Mauritius Island in the same city because I AM FULLY READY FOR IT…

Walking down the main street of Port Louis Place d’armes, the street is quite long and there are palms tree all along on the both sides. Being over there it remind me my old days when I was in primary schools going on educational tours to the city to learn about the history of Mauritius never interested me that much but that OHHH that does not mean I don’t know the history of my country. But yesterday, while walking for the first time I got that feeling that in Port Louis the history is omnipresent.  Only in this street, you can see around twelve monuments.  I came across loads of tourists and some who were accompanied by tourist guide. Walking the both alleys I was so tired but those people make my visit pleasant. They were so friendly and even the tourist guide when he was explaining to the tourists I told him I am working on my university project and he didn’t hesitate to include me in the group.  I even got the opportunity to talk to a young couple; about how they find the city and the told me it is worth visiting as there is lots of historical attractions in Port Louis which they want to visit.
There some pictures of the monuments at the main street of Port Louis.